How much does Seed cost?

Seed is $6,500 per year. That includes a single screen of your choice (32 inch or 22 inch model available), free shipping to your dispensary, mounting hardware (only the 32″ requires this), content updates and technical support for 12 months.

How long does it take to get my Seed Station?

Each Seed Station is pre-configured with your account information and location’s network credentials. That means once it arrives, each Seed Station is ready to go right out of the box. To set up each screen and ship it to your dispensary usually takes no more than two weeks from time of purchase to it arriving at your door.

What's the difference between the two screen sizes?

Seed is available in both a 32 inch and a 22 inch screen size. The function and features are identical between the two units.


The larger 32 inch screen is best for wall mounted installations (the hardware required for this is included free) and works great out on the floor of the retail area of your dispensary.


The 22 inch Seed Station come with an integrated support base and works great on counter tops or near your point of sale system.

What if I need help with installation?

Your Seed Customer Success representative can help make arrangements with a local resource to install your 32 inch Seed Station. And just a reminder, the 22 inch Seed Station requires no installation and can be placed anywhere you have free counter space.

What if I need more than one Seed Station?

If you have multiple locations or would like to place more than one screen in your dispensary, talk to your Seed Customer Success representative – 949-454-4620 – and they will be happy to quote a custom solution that fits your specific needs.